What is BES X?

BES X is the biggest evolution in the history of automatic scoring and more than just a scoring system - it's a Bowler Entertainment System.  And it's the only system designed to help deliver a truly unique on-lane entertainment to everyone with an endless collection of choices.

Why do people like it?

With BES X and its huge library, you can play the way you want to on each and every visit.  Plus, it has extensive opportunities for bowlers to personalize their experience with photos and visuals, connections to social media and much more.

There are also more than 30 unique games available:

Mad Games are "off the grid" short and engaging games for those looking for something non-traditional

Skill and Classic Games provide a competitive twist for serious bowlers and those who aspire to be

Hot Shot and Chance Games create excitement

BES X is the drive of a memorable and compelling on-lane experience.  And it's the core of providing an immersive new way to bowl that's a little different for everyone.

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